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Volunteer Orientation:
Generally held the first Sunday of the Month from 2-3PM at Sequoia Humane Society Pet Adoption Center. To register, send an email to info@sequoiahumane.org or call (707) 442-1782.
For more information about volunteering, visit the Volunteering page.
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Sequoia Humane Society and helping us help the animals. We know that your life is very busy and we appreciate that you would like to share some of your time with us.

The Sequoia Humane Society provides a number of opportunities to assist in the daily activities of our shelter. Activities may include such things as: organizing supplies, folding laundry, socializing and grooming the dogs and cats, walking dogs, office assistance, helping out at our thrift shop, and working on special events. Due to safety concerns, youth volunteers (under 18) must assist a parent or guardian when handling animals and stay with them at all times.

Volunteer orientations are held the first Sunday of the month at 2PM (unless otherwise noted) at our Pet Adoption Center. New volunteers will be paired with a staff member during their first volunteer visit so that they receive training in safe animal handling procedures. We ask all volunteers make a minimum of a 6 month commitment with regular volunteering within each month (at least one scheduled time per week preferred) when they sign up to be a volunteer.

For more information or to sign up for our next volunteer orientation, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rebecca at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or by phone at 707-442-1782.

There are many different ways you can help us help the animals as a volunteer with the Sequoia Humane Society.
  • Dog Walkers - Provide the all-important exercise and socialization our shelter dogs need in order to remain healthy, people-friendly and adoptable. Dog walkers must be knowledgeable about dogs and able to handle medium and large-size breeds.

  • Kitty Companions - Help our adoptable cats and kittens stay sociable by playing with them, grooming them, and providing them with love and attention.

  • Kennel Assistants - Help keep our animals clean and comfortable by assisting our kennel staff with such duties as cage and kennel cleaning, bathing and grooming the animals, washing dishes and toys, and general cleanup. This morning job is very physical and involves working with cleaning products such as bleach and disinfectant, some lifting, and the ability to handle large, sometimes untrained dogs.

  • Dog Behavior and Socialization - Work with our Kennel Attendants to increase the adoptability of our dogs by teaching them manners through positive reinforcement training techniques. Volunteers are trained to encourage the dogs to focus, sit, and walk on a leash. This rewarding job is very physical and may involve working with dogs that are large and untrained. Experience in training dogs is desirable.

  • Foster Care Providers - Open your heart and home to provide temporary care for kittens and puppies too young to be adopted, or older dogs and cats needing health care or socialization before they can be adopted. Animals are typically in foster care for 2-6 weeks. Foster care requires lots of humane contact and a safe, warm place away from other household pets.

  • Shelter Buddies - "Shelter Buddies" is a program designed to give shelter animals the extra love and attention they crave, while providing additional resources to place animals in life-long homes. Volunteers choose a cat or a dog they would like to sponsor and become their "buddy", spending one-on-one time with them each week and helping to increase their visibility to the public. Shelter Buddies do everything that they can to help animals get adopted into a life-long home as quickly as possible. Some minimum commitments are required.

  • Off-Site Adoptions - Become a matchmaker! Help our adoptable animals find homes by taking them to public locations and special events in the community. Volunteers greet the public; explain Humane Society procedures, handle animals, and set-up/take-down display tables. This is a great opportunity to work with animals and people.

  • Tailwaggers Thrift Shop Helpers - Help animals without getting hair on your clothes! Helpers sort, price, and sell gently used merchandise in our Henderson Center thrift store. All proceeds benefit the animals!

  • Special Events Assistants -Assist with planning and staffing a variety of public events, fundraisers, and exhibits, usually at off-site locations. Join staff and other volunteers to deliver the Humane Society message to the community and raise money to support our programs.

  • Drivers - Do you like to travel? We occasionally need drivers to transport animals to rescue groups or shelters in other locations. We also need help picking up large donations for our Tailwaggers Thrift Shop. Your own transportation is necessary?trucks or vans are especially helpful! Proof of insurance and a driver?s license is required.

  • Adoption Counselors - After being trained in SHS adoption policies and procedures, these volunteers perform the vital function of adoption counseling. Adoption counselors must be willing to commit at least four days per month to learning and performing this work. Positive customer service skills and experience are a must.

  • Office Helpers - Volunteers can help with daily office assistance. Make copies, aid in phone calls, greet the public, explain procedures, shred papers, and tidy up.


volunteer2Catnip Pillow Project -- Don't have the time to volunteer, but still want to help the animals? Here is a great project you can do at home: Catnip Pillows Project

Catnip pillows are small fabric pillows stuffed with a decent amount of Catnip and some filler fluff (used in pillows). Cats and kittens enjoy playing with them and lying on them. The pillows are sold for $1.00 donation with the proceeds going to the Sequoia Humane Society.

You can help the animals by making these pillows in your home and donating them to us. You can make Catnip Pillows to fulfill community service requirements, as a youth group project, or as a personal project!

Here is what you'll need:

  1. Cut pieces of cute or colorful fabric into (any size you want, but not exceeding 4") approximately 4" by 4" square (or creative shapes).
  2. Take two pieces of fabric and put them together with print-sides facing each other.
  3. Sew three sides to make a pocket. (hand-stitch or by using a sewing machine)
  4. Turn pocket inside out, so print side is showing.
  5. Fill about 1-2 teaspoons of catnip, use your discretion.
  6. Fold top of pocket inside and sew shut.
  7. You can sew by hand or by machine.

The best place to find catnip is your local natural foods or co-op in the bulk herd section. Bulk tends to be cheaper then purchasing some at local pet stores for the same amount of cat nip.


You can download a volunteer application in Word or PDF format.







SHS Foster Daily Log Form - pdf

For more information about volunteering, or to sign up for the next volunteer orientation, contact Rebecca at 442-1782, or via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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